Gianna Dior

A Personal Experience



A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.
Are you looking for an experience that exceeds those you’ve had with other women? Or are you content with the status quo and expect romantic liaisons be more about the “time” than the “companionship”? Yes, these questions are meant rhetorically; after all an accomplished man should never settle for good, when he can have fantastic.

The term “girlfriend experience” is used so casually that it has lost its true meaning. How would you feel if a girlfriend thought more about her hourly commitment to you, than the quality of the experience during your time together? In my opinion that’s far from what an experience should be with a girlfriend. I’d much rather create a connection leading to a genuine encounter, than fill my time with one date after another, where one client means no more than the other.



I can’t create quality connections for everyone because frankly, I’m not right for everyone. As a cultured, successful, well-educated woman, I seek the same from my companions. I’m confident in my intellect, sensuality, and sexual prowess and offer an exotic look of brilliant hazel brown eyes, full supple lips, and silky olive skin. I have a fit body built for pleasure, certain to stimulate visually and physically. I want a man that’s accustomed to having what he wants, and what he wants is me.

But my words are just a prelude, my photos merely temptation, it’s up to you to experience my real pleasure.



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